We're a small team of specialists that can contract or expand in size as needed. We're all film fanatics who love a good story.

Lizzie Costello

Owner + Creative Director


Formally trained in creative writing, I get my energy from dissecting characters, finding their innate truth, and materializing a story that connects them to each of us. Whether the goal is logical, ethical or emotional persuasion, I create straightforward narratives that reflect who my clients are and how we can feel connected because of them. I welcome the chance to talk to potential clients and explore how a video can help them reach their audiences and achieve their goals.


Fun fact:

Like many of our team members, I seek out international experiences. The year after college, I lived and worked in South Korea.

Interested in working with me? Reach me at If you want to chat film or catch a screening, you can contact me there too. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.


Summer Simpson



I'm a visual storyteller who specializes in creating top-quality non-fiction television programming, videos and documentaries. I craft projects with advanced editing, writing and motion design techniques I have honed over the past 13 years. I have a keen sense of story arc and dramatic moments, sharpened over nearly a lifetime of bibliophilia and film appreciation.


My ears perk up and eyes open wide when people tell me something fascinating that demands to be told, especially on topics of the arts, sciences and the natural world. And if this story is captured in exceptionally shot footage, I might just jump out of my chair and yell, “Woot!"


Fun fact:

I hiked across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago.


Colin Witherall

Director of Photography/Cinematographer


I specialize in adventure documentaries and commercial videography. I'm captivated by natural beauty and the challenges of capturing its nuances through moving pictures. Shooting on feature films, documentaries, and internationally syndicated commercials and television shows, I've lent my expertise to productions for HBO, National Geographic, Warren Miller Entertainment and The History Channel, and have brought my camera to the some of the most remote corners of the globe. Adding my adverse climate and location capabilities with my continual pursuit of dynamic shot making, I'm a well versed director of photography and an exceptional addition to your project’s visual team.

Fun fact:

I grew up in Maine and can still bring out a pretty thick accent with the timing's right. 


Keely Skyy



I've been a cinematographer for the past seven years with experience in corporate, event, and documentary filmmaking. Before that I was a passionate fine art portrait photographer in the analog days of film. As a cinematographer, my fine art background informs my style of documenting events and capturing interviews and performances — always looking for the most beautiful light and angle. My strength is working with natural light, augmenting with additional lighting when needed. By utilizing mostly natural light, it allows our production and crews to remain small and nimble, with minimal set-up and break-down time.

Fun fact:

I am a fourth generation Colorado native and rather obsessive backyard gardener

Will Jones



I’ve been lucky enough to work in video production for five years, from experimental filmmaking to event videography to documentary storytelling. With the goal of ensuring the visuals of each project matches and complements the intended message, I keep an open mind and lean into the overall collaborative process. I always look forward to working directly with those in front of and behind the camera as a means of finding inspiration when filming.  


Fun fact:

Along with film and production, I also have a background in English literature. 


Scottie Peitzman

Junior Editor and Production Assistant


I love being a part of the creative process. It’s tantalizing to watch an idea take shape and morph into a finished product. I think visual storytelling is unique because of the way it allows the viewer to be fully immersed in a story. I’m happy bringing new stories to life though video. I have a background in video production and creative writing.


Fun fact:

I lived in Sydney, Australia for a year.